At Holland Marsh Wineries we love to pair our delicious wines with steak, seafood, creamy pasta, and sometimes with other excellent alternative dishes like hamburgers or pizza. While our wines are great with dinner, the most exciting part of any meal is often the dessert that follows. Let’s imagine for a moment, you open your fridge after a delightful dinner and discover an unfinished bottle of our 2019 Gamay Noir (unlikely, we know –but play along). Now, you need to make sure to pick a dessert with the intensity to match that of the wines. Fortunately, we are here to tell you about one of our favourite wine and chocolate pairing options.

The 2019 Ephemere Gamay Noir captures ripe, red fruit aromas, with notes of red currant and blueberry jam. This is when the Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake makes an entrance. This delicious and notoriously tempting dessert is a must try. With fresh raspberries being in season, no taste complements them better than chocolate! These two flavours are meant to be together and the best part? It is an excellent pairing with the Gamay Noir. This is mainly because the dark chocolate making process is remarkably similar to the wine making process. Both cocoa beans and grapes are fermented using similar yeasts. Despite their similarities, wine and chocolate, once paired, very often begin to compete for superiority in taste. So, when it comes to pairing this dessert with our Gamay Noir, the crucial part is to consider the wine as an extra ingredient. The combination will enhance the taste experience and take your palate to a whole new level, creating a unique and entirely new flavour profile.

This recipe is your perfect end to a romantic dinner.