Our Story

Our family, our story and our heritage - the roots grow deep...

Our Story

Our family, our story and our heritage - the roots grow deep...

Three Generations Strong

They say Armenia was the birthplace of wine, as archeologists have found a 6,000 year-old winery in a mountain, not too far from the country’s capital. Our family lineage originates from a small winemaking town just a stone’s throw from that historical site. So for everyone in the Nersisyan family, one could simply say “it runs in the blood” – three generations to be exact.

After arriving to Canada in the early 90’s, it was only a matter of time until we were back to staining our hands with grape juice…

Holland Marsh Wineries has become the perfect synthesis of sharing the winemaking experience with fellow wine enthusiasts, and introducing the Ontario Wine community with Eastern European flavour.

The Winery

Nestled in Canada’s premier historical farming community, The Holland Marsh – The Nersisyan Family strives to harmoniously infuse the Tradition of Old World winemaking with some New World flare. The Winery was established in 2008, which encompasses 22 acres of sandy, clay and loamy-type soil.
This unique soil composition and bowl-shaped micro-climate gives the estate grown grapes an unparalleled distinction from that of any other region in Ontario. Paired with many centuries worth of knowledge and countless years of experience, we are pioneering the way for emerging wine regions in Ontario.

A Sun’s Tale

The Sun icon has been closely linked to the history of the Nersisyan Family. Not only does the sun represent warmth, and good energy required for all things to grow – but it also represents the circle of life. We firmly believe that what you put into this earth is what you will get back…

Meet Our Family

Roland Nersisyan

President and Owner

Born and raised in eastern European tradition, Roland embraces wine as cultural symbol and appreciates the old world styles.
Starting with his grandfather, the process of making and enjoying fine wine has been passed down for three generations, thus fostering a passion for the industry.
Being a Business Graduate has allowed Roland to pursue his family tradition of being a successful wine producer. He strives to produce high quality Canadian Wines year after year, while also leaving a mark for emerging Ontario wine regions.

Favourite Food: cheeses and cured meats

Favourite HM Wine: All of them! Depends on what I’m Doing.

Norie Nersisyan

Oldest Son

Being the oldest son of a third generation winemaker means being the student of lifelong knowledge and experience that comes with it.  After completing his Bachelor’s in Business at UofT, Norie took a liking to winemaking and received various certificates in winemaking and cider-craft. You can say, wine flows in the blood as much as it flows in the family. Norie’s approach to wine is almost identical to his approach to cooking – his second passion.  The rules are simple, great fruit, a proper “kitchen” outfitted with all the proper tools, a great season and a little sprinkle of patience will produce excellence.  Eating in drinking are the joys of life, it doesn’t need to be more complicated then this.

Favourite Food: Cheese and BBQ

Favourite HM Wine: 2012 Reserve Riesling

Narek Nersisyan

Youngest Son

The youngest in the family, Narek took a liking to wine at an early age. Completing first levels of the Sommelier certification at age 19, coupled with advanced levels of WSET at age 22, he is a natural. During his time in school, Narek helped with all aspects in the vineyard from planting, to harvesting. He graduated Ryerson University with a Degree in Business Management and IT. After numerous years of working for multinational companies in the Wine & Spirits Industry, it was time for him to come home to his true calling – here at Holland Marsh Wineries.

Favourite Food: Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

Favourite Hobbies: Investing, Travelling, Cooking

Favourite HM Wine: Reserve Merlot

Cool Timeline

Purchased the 22-acre property and planted the first block of grape vines.
Open doors for business, and sold our first bottle of wine.
Completed construction of our Club House and hosted our first wedding.
Planted the second block of grapes and expanded our vineyard to 11 acres
Received The People’s Choice Award presented by King Chamber of Commerce
Won 2015 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award
Consecutive win from Wedding Wire for the 2016 Couples’ Choice Award
2016 Reserve Merlot wins Gold in the All Canadian Wine Competition
2016 Ephemere Baco/Gamay & 2017 Select Sauvignon Blanc awarded Gold & Silver in the ACWC
2017 Select Cabernet Baco awarded Double Gold & 2018 Ephemere Pinot Grigio Awarded Bronze in the ACWC